From the Program Director


Within this climate of a great turn in civilization itself, I feel that there is a large quake of change approaching our Performing Arts environment as well. “Wakabacho Wharf” was founded in order to break free of our pre-assumptions on theatre and its creating process, and facilitate creation with a more liberal mind. I hope that many ships may sail from here, boarding adventurous artists who can collaborate with each other in all parts of Asia.

现在,我们的社会遇到了人类历史上罕的转折时期。在变化的社会中,也预感到了我们舞台艺术界也会有极大的地壳变动。为了以离开既存的剧场和舞台创造的概念,得到更自由的创意为目标开设的「WAKABACHO WHARF若叶町码头剧院」。我想从这里起航一只搭载充满冒险心的,拥有亚洲跨地区共同创意的艺术家们的小舟。

さとう まこと



Macoto Satoh

Playwright, Director. Macoto began his work in 1966 when he joined in the founding of the “Underground Theatre, Jiyu-Gekijo”. In 1970, he founded the “Black Tent 68/71” (the Current Black Tent Theatre Company), and wrote and directed for the group. For the following 20 years, he continued to work on a touring theatre style, traveling 120 cities across the nation, performing in large tents. Since the 1980’s, Macoto has also worked along with artists abroad, especially in South-East Asia. He has been a major voice in discourse over topis such as “Asian Theatre”, “The Public aspect of Theatre”, “Theatre and Education”, Community Theatre”– on defining the border-line of theatre and society. His most recent devotion has been his continued work in Asia centered in collaborations with Chinese independent theatre artists and young Kunqu actors in Nan-Jing, aiming further to create an alternative network of Asian theatre. Macoto was the Artistic Director of the Setagaya Public Theatre between ’97 and ’02, and from ’09 is the Artistic Director of Za-Koenji Public Theatre. In June 2017, he personally founded the “Wakabacho Wharf” with an aim to create an art center with uniqueaspects.



2017年6月开始,为了个人的艺术活动基地,开设WAKABACHO WHARF 若叶町码头剧院。