“The Wharf Workshop 2019” Open-Call for Participants

Period:11th Jul. ~ 29th Jul. 2019

Venue:Wakabacho Wharf

Calling for:Artists working in the field of performing arts (actors, dancers, etc. / no restriction of genre or experience)

Recruitments:10 Overseas participants/ 5 Domestic participants

(There will be a selection process based on the submitted documents)

Fee:raining fees (includes dormitory stay fee) JPY 35,000 USD 320

Application Deadline:March 31st. 2019 (Application complete by arrival of documents)

How to Apply:Fill out the application form below, and send vial e-mail / fax/ or airmail along with the applicatory assignment

Assignment:Send in 3 photographs of landscapes, buildings, objects, etc. from within a 500m radius from where you currently live, along with short captions on each photograph.

WHARF workshop 2019

アジアの舞台芸術にかかわるあたらしい担い手 のための「波止場のワークショップ」 “The Wharf Workshop” for uprising figures who will lead the future of Asian Performing Arts 「码头工作坊」参与亚洲舞台艺术的人为对象


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