jiayi liewから

波止場のワークショップ2019 参加者からの 'Reflection' です。


Wharf Reflection

1. What I Did

I listened with ears, with eyes, with body, with mind, with heart.

I spoke with words, but also with my face, my hands, my body, and my heart.

I learnt new languages (especially the Japanese language), new cultures, new body vocabularies, ideas, concepts, structure, and creation method.

2. What I Will Do

On a personal level, I will practise the exercises learnt such as banana roll, breathing exercise and awareness of space. I will keep the spirit of wharf workshop in my heart and continue to explore and cross borders (country/generation/genre/tradition & contemporary/east & west).

Moving forward, I will share what I have learnt with fellow Singaporean artists, and with the students I am currently teaching. I hope to start small local projects with my students, and also fellow Singaporean artists.

Moving further, I hope to engage the other participants at Wharf workshop and initiate dialogues and collaboration work in their countries as well as in Singapore.

2a) Teaching work

- Collaboration project between secondary school students and students with special needs (3-session workshop in 2019, combined performance in 2020)

- Collaboration with artists from other art forms or other disciplines (e.g. martial arts, sports) to create the student performance in 2020

2b) Sharing session with Shelter members in 2019

- Content of wharf workshop

- Upcoming events like Dance Improvisation II at Yokohama Wharf

- Existing networks within wharf participants and possibilities for collaboration

2c) Personal projects

- Seniors / Babies

- Dream School

- 好Hougang (Hougang is the area where I live)

3. What I Want to Ask

To myself: What legacy do I want to leave behind?

To Makoto: What do you hope to see 100 years later?

WHARF workshop 2019

アジアの舞台芸術にかかわるあたらしい担い手 のための「波止場のワークショップ」 “The Wharf Workshop” for uprising figures who will lead the future of Asian Performing Arts 「码头工作坊」参与亚洲舞台艺术的人为对象


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