Response from Brendon Fernandez

SingaporeのBrendon Fernandezから、応答が送られてきました。ミュージカルを中心に商業的な舞台を中心に活動している彼は、終始、プロフェッショナルらしい柔和な表情崩さずに、今回のワークショップのすべての過程を真摯に、そして楽しみながら完走しました。

1. What is good:

All the instructors shared the same spirit. All were generous with their time and talent. No one was protective of their art, but instead shared it openly.

The randomisation - drawing lots, swapping the research between teams before the final performance - all that made me think outside of my usual way of making work, which is to find the most efficient route. I was open to new possibilities.

I was challenged, forced to work outside my comfort zone. Working across different languages (especially Mandarin, which I have a fear of). Working in physical theatre, without text (text is where I am most comfortable). Most of all, working with people who have a very different idea from me about what makes "good theatre". I know I said "I was challenged" a lot. I do not mean that as a criticism. I am happy that I found the work challenging. If I am not challenged, if something is easy, then I will not grow. I grew a lot in this workshop. Thank you!

2. What needs improvement:

I hesitate to answer this. I immediately think of how to streamline things, make them easier, more efficient. But I think that is not the point of the first 3 years of The Wharf Workshop, which, if I understand correctly, is about finding a way to make work across different languages and cultures. If things are easier, then maybe the participants will not have to adapt to each other as much.

For now, I do not think I can answer this. I am sorry.

3. A question:

What could I have done better? If I were to attend again, or participate in the second phase (to create work), what difference would you like to see in the way I conducted myself?

4. A suggestion:

Some of us were cooking for each other during the workshop, which I very much enjoyed. But I realise it is quite difficult to cook for 20 people, unless, like Eri, you have experience catering for large groups. Perhaps we can start a Wakabacho Wharf recipe book, with recipes for large groups? This can include where to buy ingredients nearby, and how to divide the preparation steps between different people.

WHARF workshop 2019

アジアの舞台芸術にかかわるあたらしい担い手 のための「波止場のワークショップ」 “The Wharf Workshop” for uprising figures who will lead the future of Asian Performing Arts 「码头工作坊」参与亚洲舞台艺术的人为对象


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